S/o Satyamurty – Viluvale Aasti (2015)

Munduga okka maata – Cinema chudakunda “Dobbindantagaa ?”, “Talk Bagoledatagaaa? ” ane vallu mundu velli cinema chudandi, appudochi matladandi, appati daaaka sshh!! FB lo edo page lo edo post pettarani, dani meda negative publicity chusi pakodi comments pettakandi.

ekkuvga matladadalachukoledu…. muchataga 3 – 4 paralu anthe !!

Movie ki pattu – (Plus points anamata)
Trivikram gari Katha, kathanam, tutallaga peeli chappatlu kottinche aayana maatalu
Allu Arjun – katha lo “A.A.” takkuva, “Viraj-Anand” ekkuva kanipinchadu – Anthaga imidipoyina natana (action)
“Nata Kireeti” Rajendra Prasad – Aayanaku aayane saati, aayana comedy timing ki evadu raaledu pooti
Upendra – 2nd half lo inkoo hero, konchem powerful
Brahmi – As usual 2nd lo kanipinchina koddi scenes lo nu whistles eh whistles kottinchagala ghanata eeyanadi

Ali – its Katravalli !!

Movie lo icchina ‘role’ ki nyayam chesina’characters’
Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh,Sneha, MS, Kota, Vennela kishore

Movie undali kabatti unna vallu
3 Heroines

Movie lo nachevi
Trivikram Mark punches
Comedy timing
Emotions, Sentiment & Family values

Movie lo naku nachanivi
160 Minutes length & little dragging 2nd half
DSP average music (not BGM)
Avasaramleni Fights, VFX

Idi evariki nacchutundi ?
Family anna amma nannalu anna gowravam unna vadiki
Chese panilo nijayiti, pakkana vadi manchi korukune vadiki

Idi evariki nacchadu ?
Naku teliyadu endukante naku nacchindi !

Nenu ekkuva hype create cheyyatam ledu, naku nacchindi ani chebutunna, manchi story unna family entertainer chudatam istam unna vallu velli chudandi without any inhibitions in your mind, tappaka nachutundi, nachhakapoina cheppandi 🙂

Rating kosame vacchinavallaku na marks 3/5 B-)

Son-of-SatyamurthyImage Credits – Internet Search



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Cartoons, Animation : Lost & “NOT” Found !

Note : This post is not intended to hurt feelings of any person. These are just some of my random thoughts ….

Let me tell you ab-initio, even to this date, I am very fond of watching animation, those animations from mid 90’s and early 2000’s, most of which are no longer being aired on Indian TV channels.

Having said that, the other day I was just changing channels, my right hand thumb was paining yet I was unable to square-up on any one particular channel. Moving on, I was into Kids channels. I continued to change, but, with little pause in between each channel. There were about Ten channels in Kids category, not a single program on a single channel was not found to be logical to my brains !!

Also how can anyone watch anything so long, for hours together ? Is it something like No-Option and where You are bound to watch what is shown to You ?

Unsettled my brain decided to dig deep. I had checked the program schedule of each and every channel for the rest of the day. To my shock, almost each channel was specifically dedicated to a particular program. I, then, had decided to watch each and every program for some time in the days to come, to form a conclusion for myself. To understand whether those shows were really so addictive, that they were being almost in the entirety of the day ?

My thoughts continued … Why should they sound logical to me? I am 28 and I am no more a Kid. Why should I be liking them ?

Yeah … Why should I ?

No I cannot …. I cannot like them ….

Because the animations and cartoons which I was shown on Cartoon Network (mind it not CN) had some logic, meaning, message and most importantly some inspiration behind them.

Naming a few, what message a pair of Cockroaches are going to pass on to current generation? Be dumb … behave dumb ?

I am not against kids knowing Hindu – Mythology, but … are our kids really going to grow-up and become Chota – Bheem ?

Any thing which is limited to a certain extent is fun, but beyond something anything will cause trouble.

Let me come straight to the point, the Kids in mid 90’s when the Cartoon Network had began its programming, the content it aired inspired many of today’s Youth. Taking the example of “Dexter’s Lab” , many kids used to visualize about having their own laboratory or becoming a scientist or “The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest” which had shown the concepts of Virtual reality back then in 90’s to the kids or “The Popeye Show” which was created specifically to make American kids like the green leaf item Spinach, who otherwise were hating even to touch it.

Each and every show had a purpose or meaning deep inside. In addition to that, most of those cartoons were having a strong base having published regularly in the form of Comic Strips in the dailies and were required no separate introduction.

Again the names that I had specified above are just three out of tens. I did not speak any of those animations from either Hanna – Barbera, Disney or Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network’s own creations. Those quality animations were created, written & produced by people with passion in the field of animation. Also, most of them were hand drawn.

Contrarily, as on this day, animation has become more of a hobby than a dedicated profession (no offense).

The shows that kids watch this day on television lacks motivation to create and innovate. These questions are really bugging me so badly …

Did the creators become less creative or they are careless to create anything that is “thought provoking” in the kids ?


They are meant to leave the kids dumb?


They are of the opinion that current gen. kids are well informed and need not be told anything separate?


The channels are unable to find sponsors for the shows with good content ?

I may never get answers for my above questions. For me, I am happy collecting DVD’s of 90’s classic animation content or streaming them Online. But, if you really love animation (whatever the age group you belong to), watch those 90’s animations and You’ll never feel like turning on today’s Kids television channels.

Decided to try something? Need any suggestion ? Ask me, any genre happy to assist. 🙂 🙂

With inspirations from various sources that I had come across in the Internet in addition to my personal experiences.

90s Cartoons

Image Source : Internet – Credits to Respective Owners

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Man’s Life … a Flowing River

Any river on this Earth, be it the Nile,or the wild Amazon or the great Ganges did not take the massive form right from its beginning.

They were tiny, puny n little drops of water, that put together forming a little flowing water stream.

Being small, the water flow of the tiny river never stopped. It flows where ever it finds a slope.

Over a period of time, they get along with other tributaries, become mammoth sized.

Enough said about the biography of a river, which is likely to be known to an elementary school kid.

My question, once the river enters Its full Avatar, can anyone specifically point out and find out with the naked eye, whether the river is flowing down or lying there, excepting for few waves touching the feet, standing in the bank?

My view, I feel we don’t. We hardly feel any difference in the flow of river water. Try to observe this next time you hit river banks !!!

What I’d like to convey is, similar to a river, be it Ganges or tiny tributary, irrespective of their size, they were are small, very small, as small as a drop of water….. so are WE, the human beings.

We were too small egg in our mother’s womb, we take birth, grow up, get along with other people, become powerful, amass wealth, …. so on.. and we become relatively, a mammoth.

But unlike a river, which just passes and moves on in its life silently, til it the time it reaches its salvation, the Ocean, We, the humans, start showing-off, make propaganda in our lives.

The older the river gets, the greater will be its distance measured between its two banks. Also, though it makes a lot of noise, falling down the hills, the times it reaches plains, it starts to get silent n that continues forever.

Yet, we start our life with noise, and the same continues while we grow-up, in proportion with the age. The greater our achievement, the louder the propaganda.

Also, unlike river which takes its subsidiaries along with it, we tend to leave people behind n cut them off our lives as we move on….

The river does a great help to the soils it flows through, by leaving the deposits of the fertile soil from mountains at the banks of the river from which it flows.

Instruct of giving, we become greedy, every day, every minute. Rather than helping, we become selfish!!

To conclude, the river and a human, both have a similar timeline of activities in their lives. But as they move ahead, the lifeless river takes the role of helping everyone… while humans become soul-less but with life in bodies becoming selfish in each aspect of life.

“I am no parent, I am no teacher, I am…  like everyone …  just a drop of water in an Ocean”

Caneoing - Flowing River

Image Source : Internet – Credits to Respective Owners

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Man on an Abandoned Road!


A Road … A clear road… an Empty Road..
Say an Outer Ring Road, 8 way kind of Road…

There’s no one who can stop You…
There’s no one around to hold You…
There’s nothing as such which can even make You think to stop …

You can sense that freedom around You …
Your heart pounds with joy …
You feel like jumping around …
You feel like Running …

You want to Run … out of happiness …

You move…

The next thing You know … is Your face hitting the road and You shout out … with pain …

When You try getting up back on Your feet …
All the sudden .. You realize …

You realize … that Your legs are tied up.. tied up soo tight …

Unable to move, You go checking Your hands …

You don’t feel the movement in them, either!

The feeling of joy, freedom, happiness vaporize … they get vaporized in seconds …

You’re lying down on the road, the abandoned road, unable to move …

You scream out for help, there’s no one around …

You cry out with pain, there’s no one to listen …

That moment You realize, you’re weak…
You may be happy, You may be independent, yet you’re weak …

You’ll soon realize, how much you cry, no one is gonna come help You out !

You get exhausted, you faint … but that’s not the end, … of life …

You wake up, you put-in all Your strength to untie Yourself …

Once You start doing it for Yourself, You are no longer weak, at least You’ll understand that You’re capable of doing something …

You keep trying, you are powerful than what you were, few hours before …

At a point, again, you feel exhausted … Emotions take over, and You start crying… “Is this the end ? “

No!!! Inner voice shouts at You.. you’re alone, but you have yourself, atleast…. Do not give up!!!

The moment you gain confidence in yourself, you’ll find a way to untie the knots, in no time, you find yourself running ….




Mountain-Road-WallpaperImage Source : Internet – Credits to Respective Owners